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Summer Garnet by grimphantom

Hey guys,

As promised, here’s the first pic of many to say these days. First with Garnet of Steven Universe. When i first saw the pilot it was good and i do admit that when they re-design the characters was a bit skeptical but watching the official show the designs of each characters are great. All 3 female protagonist have their unique look and obvious Garnet got hips to show it, especially that recent episode that aired in Canada….wow.

This piece is inspired by a gif where Garnet changes to her swimsuit only this one is edit and shows a bit more that what the original episode shows.

Since we are still in summer it’s a good way to start this new batch of works i have to show for everyone.

Enjoy :)

capncjr asked:

4, 5 and 3 please!

3. How long have you been a Sonic fan?

I been a Sonic fan since Sonic Adventure 2: Battle came out in the Game Cube and played some of the older games on the Windows PC. I had played some Sonic Games since Sonic and knuckles 3 came put in the mid 90s, but I always played that game and many other games either at my friend’s or my cousin’s place. So I never really grew up with the gaming franchise, I did grew up with all the t.v shows, though. 
I think I was 11 at the time, my mom bought me a Sonic collection for the Windows PC. I think the collection had Sonic & Knuckles 3 ,Sonic R and couple others. I played Sonic R a lot. Yeah, it’s not a good game but I like the game for the music. "LIVING IN THE CITY"    
Later on, I think I was 12 or 13 years old, I found out Sonic Adventure 2 was coming out for the Game Cube. I beg my mom to buy me a Game Cube just for that game. So my mom bought me the Game Cube, per older Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest, bought Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and got a free Mario Party game.
I played SA2:B nonstop. Slowly I became a Sonic Fan. 

4. Favourite male character(s)?


You can call me Knuckles, unlike Sonic I don’t chuckle

I’d rather flex my muscles”

I became a huge Knuckles fan after playing SA2 & SA1. He’s the typical bad ass you see a lot during the 90s. I always like his design. I  remember when I was a kid I couldn’t remember his name. I used to call Knuckles, “Clews”, or something like that.
I know over time Knuckles slowly became a joke in the later games and became a third will in Sonic’s crew, but I still see him as that 90s bad-ass punk.

My second favorite character would have to be E-102 Gamma from SA1, mainly for his back story and ending. I got a soft spot for those type of characters. 

I-I-I liked Shadow too, but only in SA2. He slowly became that typical Hot Topic Emo punk in later games. 

5. Favourite female character(s)?


I fucked up her left leg a bit, damn it. :/

I’ll draw her for now, mainly because I have quite a few favorite characters in both the games and comic series.
I have no real good reason I picked Blaze as my top favorite, other than picking the most obvious ones of the all.


But seriously, I like Blaze because for her attitude and Sonic Rush game.

30 Sonic Questions!

  • 1. Why did you become interested in Sonic?

  • 2. How did you hear about Sonic?

  • 3. How long have you been a Sonic fan?

  • 4. Favourite male character(s)?

  • 5. Favourite female character(s)?

  • 6. Favourite game(s)?

  • 7. Favourite vocal theme(s)?

  • 8. How much merchandise do you have, if any?

  • 9. How many Sonic games do you own?

  • 10. Got any clothing or apparel?

  • 11. AoSTH, Satam or Sonic X?

  • 12. Archie or Fleetway?

  • 13. Favourite Sonic form? Pick one.

  • 14. Classic, Dreamcast or Modern? Pick one.

  • 15. Favourite Sonic level(s)?

  • 16. Favourite Sonic soundtrack(s)?

  • 17. Favourite Sonic music track(s)?

  • 18. Got any remixes you like?

  • 19. What do you contribute to the fandom? (art, writing, edits, videos)

  • 20. Do you closely follow Sonic related news?

  • 21. Been to Sonic Boom?

  • 22. Been to Summer of Sonic?

  • 23. Got any fan characters?

  • 24. Any artists you admire?

  • 25. Favourite voice actor for Sonic?

  • 26. Favourite official art style?

  • 27. What do you like about the fandom?

  • 28. What do you like about Sonic? (the character)

  • 29. Met any Sonic friends through the fandom?

  • 30. Excited for Sonic's next birthday?

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